2020 United States Election,Biden Wins, Democrats Keep House Majority Senate Control In Georgia’s Hands


How Fox News, CNN and others reported Joe Biden's projected presidential win  - Poynter

That’s it everyone! The 2020 election, after 4 days long days of waiting and ballot counting, is finally over! And on Saturday morning, the winner of the election was announced across the country on all news networks, from CNN to Fox News.

How Fox News, CNN and others reported Joe Biden's projected presidential win  - Poynter

On Saturday morning, polling stations and news networks officially announced that Joe Biden won the election. This projection came after polling stations in Pennsylvania released the total number of votes for each candidate, and officials projected that Joe Biden won the state of Pennsylvania and its 20 electoral votes. The state’s 20 electoral votes were enough to push Joe Biden and VP running mate Kamala Harris over the minimum of 270 electoral votes needed to win the presidency, giving their total of 273 electoral votes. It was also projected that Biden and Harris also won the nationwide popular vote with 75,404,182 votes to Trump’s 70,903,094 votes. That is 4.5 million more votes for Biden and Harris than the incumbents Donald Trump and VP Mike Pence. 

This is a huge moment for the U.S.. First, the incumbent President has been voted out and will not be given a second term in office. The last time this happened was in 1992, when Bill Clinton won the election against incumbent President George H.W. Bush, winning 370 electoral votes to H.W. Busch’s 168, denying him a second term. Second, with Biden’s victory, his VP running mate, Kamala Harris, will be not only THE FIRST female VIce President, but the 1st person of color, the 1st Indian-American, the 1st Black, and the 1st biracial Vice President of the United States. A huge step for women and people of color. Third, Joe Biden and running mate Kamala Harris won more votes than any other Presidential candidate and running mate in U.S. history. And fourth, 146,307,276 people voted in this election. That is the biggest voter turnout for an election in American history. And some states have not yet been projected; they are still counting the votes in some states! 

As of today, here is what the 2020 election results map looks like.

*Fox News has projected Biden won Arizona, but none of the other news networks have made the same projection as they are still counting ballots in Arizona. As of the current vote count in the remaining states. Biden leads in Arizona and Georgia, while it looks like Trump will win Alaska and North Carolina. Electoral vote score: Biden 279 – Trump 214. But because Biden has reached the minimum 270 electoral votes needed to become President-Elect, the remaining states are irrelevant.*

Meanwhile, President Trump has not conceded the election. On Tuesday night, he declared himself the winner, stating that he clearly won the election for two reasons. The first was that he argued that the remaining ballots being counted at the time didn’t count because they were not counted by officials on election day. The second argument was that voter fraud caused by mail in ballots resulted in the election being rigged. He also stated that he and his lawyers will be contesting the election in the Supreme Court.

“Millions and millions of people voted for us today. And a very sad group of people is trying to disenfranchise that group of people. And we won’t stand for it.”

“I said what happened to the election? It’s off and we have all these announcers saying what happened, and they said “Oh..”, because you know what happened? They knew they couldn’t win. So they said, let’s go to court. And did I predict this? Did I say I’ve been saying this from the day I heard they were going to send out tens of millions of (mail in) ballots. Because either they were going to win, or if they didn’t win they’ll take us to court.” 

“We were ready to win this election. Frankly, we did win this election.”

“We want the law to be used in a proper manner. So we’ll be going to the U.S. Supreme Court. We want all voting to stop. We don’t want them to find any ballots at 4:00 in the morning and add them to the list okay.”

– Donald Trump, Tuesday, November 3rd.

**Just a quick fact check. There has been no evidence suggesting that there is widespread fraud in our elections. Yes, there have been small cases of voter fraud, where people were caught voting twice, but nothing large-scale.** 

The following day, he doubled down on his claims of voter fraud and the election being “stolen” by Democrats. Despite Former President George W. Bush, other world leaders, and three Republican Senators congratulating Joe Biden on his win in the election, Trump has stated via Twitter that he will not concede, as well as not invite the President-Elect and Vice President-Elect to the White House, which is a traditional thing outgoing Presidents do so the next administration can prepare for the transfer of power and be able to lead the nation.

So with Trump not willing to concede, refusing to invite the President-Elect to the White House, and beginning processes to fight the election results in the Court: What is going to happen? As of now, it does not look good for the President. Trump and his lawyers have not produced evidence of voter fraud. And if they do, it likely won’t be enough to change the outcome of the election. As of today, on January 20, 2021, either by will or getting dragged out by the Secret Service, Donald Trump will leave office no matter what. 

What to Watch In Biden’s Presidency

Biden and Harris are already getting started even before inauguration day. They released a statement saying that they will unveil who they appointed to their COVID-19 task force on Monday. They also said they plan to reverse a lot of Trump’s policies, form the Muslim travel ban, to allowing transgender people to serve in the military again, to joinging the Paris Climate Accord again. So for the most part the beginning of Biden’s presidency will be focusing on controlling the COVID pandemic and fixing the damage Donald Trump has created. As for the other plans on their agenda, we don’t know yet. We will have to give their administration a chance, wait and see, and hope that their policies lead the U.S. to a bright future.

Democrats Keep House Majority 

To nobody’s surprise, at the end of this election, Democrats will keep their majority in the House of Representatives, with Nancy Pelosi remaining as House Speaker. However, the Democrats lost six seats.  So Democrats now have a 215 – 201 House majority.  Democrats are happy they keep the House majority, but the “blue wave” which would have resulted in Democrats flipping Republican seats didn’t come in the House as was expected. So overall this was not the best election night for the Democratic Party. 

Of the seats that Republicans kept and gained, the one race in North Dakota stands out and is worth noting. In North Dakota’s 8th congressional district, candidate David Andahl won the election, and would’ve been representing his district in the House of Representatives. Sadly, Andahl passed away of COVID on October 5. He was 55 when he died. 

So what happens to his open seat? Because Republicans won the election in that district, the party gets to choose someone in the GOP from that district to represent North Dakota in Congress. 

*Regardless of your view on politics, thoughts and prayers for his family, and hope that he’s looking down knowing that he died as a patriot, who would have been chosen to represent his district.*

“The Squad” is Re-elected and Adds New Members

Another big highlight in the House races was The Squad. For those who don’t know who they are, “The Squad” as they call themselves, is a group of Democratic Congresswomen in the House who are all women of color. The Squad includes representatives Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), Ilhan Omar (D-MN), Ayanna Pressley (D-MA), and Rashida Talib (D-MI). Over the last two years, they gained popularity thanks to President Trump’s rants about them on Twitter. Well, it looks like they are here to stay as not only were all four members of The Squad re-elected, but they also gained three new members. Cori Bush (D-MO), and Jamaal Bowman (D-NY) and Mondaire Jones (D-NY), will be joining The Squad in Congress. Cori Bush will be the first African-American woman to represent Missouri in Congress. And all three, Bush, Bowman and Jones, all won their elections defeating the incumbent representatives of their districts. Congratulations to The Squad and hope they are successful.

Senate Control in Georgia’s Hands

A lot happened in this election when it came to the Senate. As expected, incumbent Doug Jones (D-AL) lost his race for another term, meaning Republicans gained a seat. At the same time, they also lost a seat as Republican incumbent Martha McSally (AZ) lost to Democratic candidate Mark Kelly. However, it still was not what Democrats were hoping for. With no blue wave in the Senate races, Democrats failed to gain the Senate Majority. As of now, the Senate remains 46-50, with 2 independents: Angus King (ME) and Bernie Sanders (VT) However, Sanders recognizes himself as a Socialist Democrat, and Angus King is an Independent who leans left. So it is kind of like a 48-50 Republican majority as of now. However, there is still a hope for Democrats to get control of the Senate. Because neither candidate in both of Georgia’s races won their Senate race with 50% or more of the vote, Georgia’s Senate races will go to January runoffs. 

Incumbent Republican Senator David Perdue will go in a runoff with challenger Jon Ossoff (D), and Kelly Loeffler (R) will go in a runoff with challenger Raphael Warnock. If Democrats flip those 2 seats, with the two left leaning Independents, VP Kamala Harris will be the tiebreaker, which would basically give Democrats the majority. If Republicans win one or both of the Georgia races, Mitch McConnell (R-KY) will remain as Senate Majority Leader. Based on the results from election day. It looks like Republicans will keep the Senate majority. But given how 2020 has been, you never know. The Democrats could flip Georgia blue. 


As mentioned, Trump has refused to concede the election, and he, his administration, and campaign are planning to fight the results in the Supreme Court. As of today, only 3 Republicans have congratulated Joe Biden on winning the election, while the rest are sticking by the President’s side in his actions to challenge the election. As for President-Elect Biden and VP-Elect Harris, they are moving forward with their plans as they and their administration plan to take office on January 20th, 2021. Newly elected representatives in the House and Senate are doing the same. 

As for us, the everyday citizens, it is important for us to give them what those candidates were fighting for: a chance to do something good. A chance to represent their states and their districts in our government. Regardless of our political views, we must give these newly elected politicians a chance. 

I know that some people are happy about the results of the election, while others are disappointed. And that’s okay to be disappointed for a couple of days. But we shouldn’t let this totally divide us. At the end, we all need to not judge by political views, but rather characters and actions. Recognize both sides, agree to disagree, and we can all be friends. 

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