Is Wattpad Worth the Download?


Wattpad has been a growing sensation amongst many people. With every story varying from fanfics to your casual nonfiction, there’s no doubt that you’ll find something to keep you interested, with every different type of writing techniques used by the vast different amounts of people spilling they’re ideas upon the virtual pages. 

With over 100 million downloads it is easy to see that its virtual and easy accessibility can be due to the hype it has. Is Wattpad a beneficial place for writers? With the app supporting 50 languages, there is a huge audience. While it may be difficult to appeal to your massive audience, wattpad has a feature that allows you to comment on paragraphs throughout the book. This being a beneficial way to receive feedback and know what is and is not working. Wattpad has a featured list of stories and tags so when people search these things it gives you a greater chance to get recognised. Wattpad also happens to be free, which is more beneficial to the reader than the writer, though still considered a positive.

Though this app can’t be all beneficial can it? Of course the large platform may allow a lot of viewers, but like always this means there is quite a competition to get noticed. Wattpad also consists of younger people and favoring certain genres, rather than others. So when it comes to writing it is important to keep up with favored genres if the goal is to grow fans. It is also a timely task due to it being more beneficial to update constantly and interact with comments made. Though as comments give feedback they can be easily taken advantage of and used as a place to express anger or hate. 

Wattpad during quarantine has allowed people bored with their freetime find a free, contact safe opportunity to read books they will never find in a library. It has also given people during quarantine a place to share stories without having to complete the long alternative process of being an actual writer. 

Many people may not be fond of wattpad due to the preferred genres of romance, fanfics, fantasy, and YA/teen stories. Still, there is a huge amount of people who can’t help but get addicted to this wonderful reading and writing platform. 

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