Austria in Shock After Terrorist Attack


Gunman who killed 4 in Vienna attack had sought to join IS

Vienna was the city in Europe that was said to be one of the safest areas in the continent after many years without an attack. It was a city where families and friends could enjoy the day or night without having the fear of danger. That was until the night of November 2, 2020. 

It was eight o’clock at night and people were just about to enjoy their drinks and savor their lovely dinner foods when a heavily armed gunman opened fire in Vienna’s popular nightlife area known as the Bermuda triangle. Authorities arrived quickly at the scene and shot the man which instantly killed him. One officer however is currently in critical condition after trying to stop the man that was armed with an automatic rifle, pistol, and a knife while wearing a fake bomb vest.

The man was identified as an islamic terrorist that took the life of four people while injuring a staggering twenty-three more people in a nine minute span. After the attack, the Austrian government arrested fourteen other people who are said to be connected to the gunman. When asked about why they arrested numerous people without substantial evidence, Chancellor Kurz said “Authorities had previously feared that the perpetrator didn’t act alone and that another gunman might be at large (Link)”. He also added that they would now determine if the gunman was a part of a group with connections to a broader network if he worked alone. Kurz also confirmed that the gunman was born in Austria with a Northern Macedonia background and that ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack. 

 It has also been identified that police in Switzerland and Czech Republic arrested a bunch of people that haven’t been identified yet but may have a connection to the man. Special forces in Vienna have been deployed to secure the area as it is believed that there is at least one gunman on the loose.Armed police stay in position at the scene of the attack in the Austrian capital.

This attack on the city of Vienna shows just how united the country and the world are. In every district you can see hundreds of people gathering and praying while in hundreds of countries providing aid and ensuring support towards Austria. 

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