How Makeup Damages Skin


Makeup is often an essential part of the day for a woman or whomever wishes to use it. Though I’m sure these members of the makeup community have asked themselves at least once or twice, are these products damaging my skin? Unhealthy makeup habits could be potentially harmful to the skin, causing things like acne, dry skin, and oiliness. Though fortunately, there are still many ways to continue using makeup without hurting the face completely. 

Not washing your face every night can already cause skin problems on it’s own, but having products such as foundation or blush on your face all day can cause even more complications. “Sleeping in your makeup can lead to clogged pores, but it can also cause eye irritation, as well,” says Bank from 5 Makeup Habits that could be Harming You. “When you toss and turn your head throughout the night, traces of makeup can migrate into the eye.” Dry or oily skin may also be a result of an unwashed face. Depending on the product, the ingredients may make one’s skin drier or oilier than usual. 

Cleaning your brushes is an excellent way to prevent any harmful bacteria from coming in contact with your face. With sweat, dead skin, or simply the bacteria coming from the makeup products themselves, it is extremely helpful to have a deep cleaning for your brushes at least once a month. 

Finding makeup that’s just right for your skin may be a difficult job, but don’t give up hope! The better the product collides with your skin, the easier it will be to prevent things like acne and dry or oily skin. Everyone’s skin is different, so pay closer attention to what you’re putting on your face. Visit your dermatologist to know what ingredients to look for and what ingredients to stay away from, such as fragrances, parabens, and triclosan. 

Moisturizer and sunscreen may not sound like a daily essential, but they really are helpful. Moisturizer helps with dry skin, which ultimately can help prevent flaky and scaly skin. Sunscreen helps with anti-aging and other skin problems caused by sun damage.

Most importantly, remember to wash your face daily. Though it may be hard to find the discipline to do so, it is a mandatory step to avoid future skin issues. The process is as simple as using makeup remover and washing your face with facial cleanser.

Healthy steps like these will help you prevent as many skin irritations as possible. Developing useful and safe makeup habits will create a safer way to still enjoy the beauty and excitement makeup provides for us.

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