Why do stores put out Christmas decorations 2 months in advance?


Are you wondering why stores already have Christmas decorations or candy or anything else Christmas related? You may also be thinking about why stores put out their Christmas stuff even before Halloween, when the next holiday after Halloween is Thanksgiving. Well the answer to the question is profit. 

A Lot of stores want to make money so with Christmas being a big holiday why not put Christmas things out early? 

 So putting out Christmas decorations early will not only draw people in but catch their eye. Also when people go into a store and see something they want they will know exactly what store it was and then they can go back and geth item it was that they wanted. 

Christmas is also a big holiday, so stores have a lot of deals on items that they put out before christmas. Also a lot of people like to do christmas shopping early so they don’t have to worry about crowds. 

So in conclusion, stores put out Christmas decorations to benefit people who celebrate Christmas and to gain profit.

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