Clean Your Room!


I know it can be annoying for your parents to constantly tell you to clean your room, even if you think it isn’t messy, although, your parents might be onto something. Having a messy room can cause stress and weaken your mental health. However, by cleaning your room, you can improve not only your mental health, but lower your stress levels and increase positive sleeping patterns. This  all comes into play with your bodily health. See, even though your parents may have not known this important information, aren’t you a little grateful your parents bombarded for your filthiness?

Cleaning your room can actually improve your sleeping. You know when you are trying to wind down and relax, but  you look to your left and see a stack of clothes you were supposed to sort out and think to yourself “I should probably do a load of laundry”?You dismiss the thought, but then you look to your right and see your shoes all over the floor, blocking the entryway to your bedroom door? This is causing you stress and will leave you into uneasy sleep habits, because your mind is so preoccupied with what is going on in your room. If you clean your room and get rid of that stack of clothes and pick up your shoes, it may improve your sleep schedule, since you won’t have something to obsess your mind with.

After cleaning your room have you ever felt so productive that you could clean the rest of the house or even finish your homework that’s due tomorrow? That’s because cleaning your room can enhance your productivity levels and leave you feeling energized enough to keep the good times rolling. Even though it’s hard work, cleaning can have very therapeutic effects on your mind and body,  Stephi LaReine makes a good point when she says, “You’ll be proud of your space. The more areas of your life that can get your confidence up, the less mental health will bombard you.” As LaReine explains, a lot of mental health problems or complications can stem from lack of confidence. Cleaning your room may seem tiring, but in the end, it brings so many positive effects into your life. 

Even as simple as making your bed every morning can leave you feeling accomplished and can start your day off on a good note. Making your bed is really simple but can help your ways of thinking, for example, just picture that you had a bad day and didn’t do so great in a class or at work. Once you get  home, having a made bed that doesn’t have clutter on it could slightly lower your disappointment with your performance of the day. Then you will be able to just lay down instead of having to spend valuable time cleaning it.. 

Especially during Covid, having a clean room is very essential, because we are all stuck at home and  most students and workers like me are doing their schooling/jobs at home, most likely from their bedrooms, it’s better to have a clean space and to create a clean mind. Plus, you wouldn’t want everyone to see your messy room would you? Cleaning your room is very simplistic but can be very helpful, so whenever you have the time, just start by picking up the clothes on your floor and put your shoes away, it will help a ton!

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