PS5 Versus XBox Series X. Which one should you buy?


For many years, Sony and Microsoft have been one of the biggest gaming rivalries of all time. Ever since the PS and the Xbox was introduced, gamers including myself have been going crazy about it. Everyone loves to have the latest version of the console. The question is though, which console should you get? 

Through the years, both consoles have been making upgrades towards the interior and exterior of the product that make users interested. For example, both consoles have upgraded the FPS (Frames Per Second)  to 120 and increased the power and speed. The controller for the PS5 has also been changed to a more vibrant color and both consoles have drastically improved the exterior of the console itself. There have been many criticisms towards the exterior of the product saying that the Xbox looks like a mini fridge while the PS5 copies the look of an internet router. Although, they are just the exterior of the product and do not affect the gameplay of the console.

An advantage of the Xbox against the PS5 is that it is compatible to play games with every Xbox generation while the PS5 is only compatible with games from the PS5. The Xbox also has slightly an advantage in power since they are owned by Microsoft. The PS5 although has a dual-sense controller which allows the player to feel the vibration of rain and the kickback of the gun. The graphics and performance of the PS5 is also slightly better than the Xbox. Both consoles also have the same starting price at $499.99 and the release date is almost identical. The online services in terms of quality is also similar as both consoles have excellent subscriptions that users could purchase.

Both consoles are both next-gen consoles that truly are amazing. You really can’t go wrong with purchasing any of them as they both are extremely similar. Although, if I had to choose which console I would buy, I would lean towards the PS5 because of the controller and since I’ve always been a Playstation person. Nevertheless, we have to give credit towards Sony and Microsoft for providing us with incredible consoles that truly represent “the next generation”. 

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