COVID-19: Where are we now and how far have we come


Let’s recap the beginning of this disastrous pandemic, bringing us back all the way to March 4, 2020 when the state of emergency was first put in place. Now don’t forget we all went into this thinking we were gonna have an amazing two weeks off of school that has slowly turned into a horrible statewide stay at home order.

The coronavirus pandemic has impacted all our lives in a drastic way, our economy and almost every corner of the world. It has infected more than a total of over 99 million people worldwide and more than 2 million people have died so far.

 As many parts of our country went into lockdown to prevent the spread of the virus, unemployment numbers rose drastically, according to the office for national statistics, the most recent unemployment rate from August to October was 4.9 percent. That is an increase of 0.7% over the previous 3 months, which means that 1.69 million people have experienced the financial difficulties we never knew would be a result of this new and horrifying lifestyle.

Currently the FDA has approved 2 covid-19 vaccines, one being the Pfizer and the other being the Moderna  vaccine. These are the fastest vaccines to have ever been developed in history. Front line workers were among the first to receive the vaccine and it will soon be administered among the communities targeted age groups over the age of 65.

COVID-19: Vaccine information | CVS Health

Looking back and seeing how far we’ve come it’s unbelievable to think of the state of panic and terror we were all experiencing as a whole. From toilet paper disappearing off the shelves along with no hand sanitizer to be found and food supply decreasing in every grocery store. No one knew what to expect

Now seeing that we have all adapted to these new ways of life wearing a mask is now the new normal and we are approaching the end of an entire school year of virtual learning. 

My hope is that the end of this nightmare is near, what’s YOURS?

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