Healthy mental and physical outlets to battle the new year


Well congratulations! We made it out of that hellish, troublesome year. Now like always, we are enticed for the new year. We are getting ourselves out of that boring & toxic headspace 2020 had brought , and deciding this will be our year. We are deciding what you want to include in our new daily routines.  They should be beneficial and make us see a difference, (right?); no matter how negative they might be. An example of this can be trying to lose weight by pushing yourself to our limits or trying new things but choosing the wrong things to try. And you end up in a bad place all over again. But what most people pass on is the building of habits; and not just any habits but outlets. Healthy outlets are the key to a healthy mindset and our well being overall. They can help relieve stress and just clear your mind  to make you a happier & healthier person. 

      Study shows that when a person has a healthy outlet they can turn to; they are better at handling stress and have reduced symptoms of anxiety. Healthy outlets are also shown to help improve  mental health as they give you a healthy way to cope with something in your life instead of turning to old habits or unhealthy choices. 

          Studies also show that the building of habits is what is most likely to stick to us unlike traditional new year’s resolutions. And that’s because it’s  something we develop and get used to, instead of a goal that has not been planned. With outlets we have no goal, only the plan to turn to our outlets when something in our life arises. With these outlets we are able to calm our bodys and take a break from reality. There are multiple ways to create healthy outlets. When you’re stressed from a long day at work try to go on a mindful walk. So you develop it for when you feel tired after a long day you associate the walk outside as a way to calm down and refresh. If you are stressed or sense anxiety arising; do some yoga or meditation.  Maybe you just feel your mind starting to race; just open a book and allow the mind to rest and be calm. Or when you just feel the baggage of life is taking a toll; do a workout. Sweat it out and feel everything lift off your shoulders. Not only do these outlets help the mind and body relieve any stress or tension, they help with the physical aspect of our bodys to ( the outlets have loads of benefits). They can help with heart health, manage  stress, help reverse the start of diseases, lower blood pressure , improve mood and most importantly reduce the thoughts of depression and anger.

         In other words; studies and proof is there on why creating healthy outlets to turn to is beneficial not only for our health but our mental health as well. It can help reduce causes of harmful ideas that damage our mental health. And increase benefits that help us take on the world with a new sense of comfort. Comfort to which we turn to a healthy and happy outlet.

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