Georgia Manhunt


A manhunt quickly took place on Sunday night, 2/28. Not too long after,on Monday, 3/1, Lt. Justin Bedwell, a Decatur County deputy, sadly passed away from gunshot wounds. Now two men face felony murder charges.

This all began after a deputy in Seminole County tried to pull over a white pickup truck for reckless driving. After doing so, it did not go as planned. Soon after, gunshots were fired from the two men and the deputies returned fire. A car chase began which quickly moved further, reaching Decatur County where more deputies joined the pursuit.

The suspects next came to a stop in a driveway of some  unlucky stranger’s home. The two men then attempted to enter the premises of this house by shooting down the door, however the homeowner returned fire and the suspects did not successfully enter. After that failed, the two men then tried to escape the scene as Bedwell just happened to arrive in his vehicle with the hopes of stopping these men. Everything moving fast, one of the suspects shot Bedwell. They continued to try and escape and fled in the same white pickup truck which got them into all of this trouble in the first place.

A Georgia State Patrol helicopter crew joined the manhunt following the crash not too long after the suspects had crashed their truck in a “wooded area”.  Brad Philips, who is 41, was identified as one of the men taken into custody by deputies. The other suspect, later identified as Troy Arthur Philips, was arrested at later times.

The men have been accused of felony murder, aggravated assault of an officer, being party to the crime of murder, attempted home invasion, aggravated assault, possesion of a firearm during the commission of a crime, and possesion of a firearm by a convicted felon.

Many prayers and thoughts go out to deputy Bedwell and his family after they suffered this loss.

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