Karmic Soulmates vs. Twin Flames


Karmic soulmates and twin flames are incredibly similar in many ways. But the way they affect your life is incredibly different. Having a soul connection with someone  isn’t always smooth sailing. You may be in a soulmate relationship and not even realize. But what are twin flames and karmic partners? 

A twin flame, or a mirror soul, is someone that you have an instant connection with. When you finally meet that person, it feels as if you’ve known them your whole life. Their energy feels like home. You create a very intense connection with this person. You share a brain it feels like. You can finish eachothers sentences, and you notice many coincidences in your pasts. You complement each other, it’s much like yin and yang. They help you work through your insecurities and problems, and help you grow as a person. It seems like an instant connection. They feel almost magnetic. You’re constantly drawn to that person, emotionally, mentally and physically. They help you grow into a better person. 

Karmic partnerships are much like twin flames, but are much, much more toxic. It’s an addictive relationship, and it feels like you keep going back to them. A telltale sign of a karmic relationship is an off an on relationship. You can’t seem to fully move one until you learn what you need to learn from each other. You become completely dependent and obsessed with that person. They’re your main source of happiness. You immediately attach yourself to this person, and you become completely consumed in the relationship. You’re mentally, physically and emotionally dependent on this person. But your personal growth is stunted. 

The difference between them is twin flames inspire growth when karmic relationships feel like an uncomfortably stagnant relationship. Karmic relationships feel destined, but they end the same. Twin flames are incredibly intense relationships that typically last a while, because you feel lost without them. The two look the same from the outside, that undeniable connection and you feel dependent on them, but are two completely different stories. 

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