Operation London Bridge: What Will Happen When Queen Elizabeth II Dies?


Queen Elizabeth II has been sitting on the royal throne since her coronation in 1952, the longest reign of any monarch in British history. Her death will be arguably one of the biggest moments in the 21st Century and it all begins with Operation London Bridge. 

Operation London Bridge is the plan that will take place when Queen Elizabeth II dies and it all starts with her death itself. Upon her death, her private secretary, Edward Young, will relay the message to The United Kingdom’s Prime Minister, Boris Johnson. This is when the operation will go public. Within 15 minutes a newsflash alert will be sent to the media all over the world and Buckingham Palace will place a notice on its front gates. All United Kingdom news outlets will halt the production of articles that don’t address Queen Elizabeth II’s death. On the same day the Queen’s eldest son, Prince Charles, will become the rightful heir to the throne, taking the title of King. However, this is only the beginning: during this time the United Kingdom will enter a 12 day mourning period.

Four days after her death the Queen will be led on a military procession from Buckingham Palace to Westminster Hall where she will lie for the next four days as The Royal Family pays their respects. 10-12 days after her death, the funeral will take place where the Country will fall silent. Businesses, public transportation, the printing of money, and work will stop as citizens of the United Kingdom mourn. 

Within a year of the Queen’s death, Prince Charles will have an official coronation. New British currency will be printed with Queen Elizabeth II’s face being replaced by the new King, Prince Charles. The National Anthem will then change to “God Save The King”, and military uniforms, stamps, and passports will be changed as well. Prince Charles will become the leader of the United Kingdom, 15 governments outside of the UK, and 36 commonwealth nations across the world. 

Queen Elizabeth II’s death will send shock waves throughout the world. Funeral expenses, Coronations, and Bank Holidays will cost the UK economy billions of pounds. The world and commonwealth will change drastically as we witness one of, if not the biggest, death of the 21st century, and it all begins with Operation London Bridge.

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