The Positive Trend of Activism in Sports


This past week Jeremy Lin; a famous basketball player known for playing with the Knicks for ten years, spoke out recently about the racism that he was facing currently in the NBA. Jeremy Lin said,  “Yeah, multiple times, and even in certain areas, talking about my eyes, talking about different stereotypes, talking about going back to China, things like that, and I’ve never named the person.” Lin also said, “Asians can’t only be passionate about Asian issues. African Americans can’t only be passionate about African American issues. We have to band together. We have to work together, understand each other. We have to listen to each other.” This idea is even shared with many activists to promote the idea of fighting for everyone.

Most people applauded Lin for speaking out about the issue. Many coaches gave their support. One of them being Steve Kerr (the head coach of the Golden State Warriors). He said,  “Really powerful. I applaud Jeremy for his words and echo his sentiments regarding racism against the Asian American community. It’s just so ridiculous and obviously spawned by many people, including our former president [Donald Trump], as it relates to the coronavirus originating in China. It’s just shocking. I don’t know — I can’t wrap my head around any of it, but I can’t wrap my head around racism in general.”  Overall, people had good positive reception with Lin speaking out. 

Lin’s activism was received far better than anyone expected. The sports business always caused a storm, whenever a player speaks about their experience with racism. A key example would be LeBron James speaking out about his resentment towards President Trump. A lot of people didn’t though, especially Laura Ingraham. Laura Ingraham was Fox News anchor and said “LeBron should just shut and dribble.” Colin Kaepernick faced even worse criticism and even lost his job for peacefully protesting during games. All of this just indicated that players should not have opinions.

  Overall, the sports industry seems to be heading in a good direction allowing players to protest and have their own opinions without having to worry about prejudice. 

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