Disneyland’s Plans On Reopening


Due to COVID-19, Disneyland said that it would close for the first time in the entire history of the park. The park said it was to be closed for a month, but it is still closed to this day. Ever since March 12, 2020, the park has been closed. People have been anticipating when they will finally be able to open, and there have finally been some updates as to when the park may open. When it does, you will obviously still be required to wear a mask and social distance, and some rides may be closed. 

LA Times says, “The Anaheim City Council is backing a state bill that could allow Disneyland to reopen from its pandemic closure earlier than expected.” This bill that is being passed will allow DisneyLand to reopen with the same Covid restrictions as the smaller amusement parks in the area.

The specifics of this restriction include opening the park at 25% when the city reaches the lowest tier. California uses a tier system to determine how strict the quarantine is. The tiers include “Minimal” (yellow), “Moderate” (orange), “Substantial” (red), and “Widespread” (purple). In order for Disneyland to open back up again, Anaheim would need to be in the orange tier. 

The Mayor of Orange County, Harry Sidhu states, “Anything that we can do to safely reopen theme parks is critical to economic recovery for our city and region,” Reopening large amusement parks would be able to boost the country’s economy, but the safety of the citizens is very important as well. 

California Adventure (a secondary park at Disneyland) is hosting events in March and will be “timed ticketed experiences where guests can enjoy food, beverages, merchandise, entertainment and shopping.” CNET also states “Disney has yet to say anything official on this, but the events will reportedly see the entire California Adventure theme park (minus the rides) reopen, apart from the new Avengers Campus.” Will this be the start to the whole park reopening? 

Some people have also been confused because Disneyland is one of the only parks in the world that is still closed due to Covid. “Shanghai Disneyland, Tokyo Disney, Disney World and Hong Kong Disneyland are now open, while Disneyland remains closed indefinitely and Disneyland Paris aims to reopen April 2.” 

So people wonder when it will be Disneyland’s turn to fully reopen, but are excited for this possible California Adventure event to give them a taste of normality. 

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