Beijing Hit by Worst Sandstorm in Years


Residents of Beijing, China were presented with a post-apocalyptic scene when they woke up this Monday. Overnight, a sandstorm had swept across the city. The sand combined with the large amounts of pollution in the air made the sky look a very strange yellow. The city residents have been using things like goggles and hairnets to defend against all the sand and pollution blowing throughout the city.

City officials have ordered all schools to cancel outdoor activities, and for the public to stay inside whenever possible. Many flights in and out of Beijing have been cancelled as well due to poor flight conditions.

Chinese meteorologists have said that the cause of the extremely poor air quality is due to a preexisting sandstorm that blew in from North Mongolia, which has already claimed the lives of several people. Now, visibility in Beijing is less than 500 meters (548 yards), with many landmarks such as the Forbidden City covered in a thick haze.

Overall, this is looking to be the worst sandstorm in at least a decade.

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