The Chaos in Myanmar


Myanmar has been in chaos lately because the Military incited a coup. This coup comes after Myanmar’s national elections. The Military believes the election was stolen, or rigged against them. However, the public believes it was a fair election and there was no fraud, as the military has not produced a shred of evidence to support their claims.. Later on, the military abruptly took over control of Myanmar’s government.

Now, the military is being heavily scrutinized for their power grab move by the citizens of Myanmar. They decided to protest peacefully so change can occur. Although peaceful, the military has responded violently to the peaceful protests, unjustly arresting and using aggressive force tactics to stop protests.  The stats showed in a recent protest that a bare minimum of 138 people have died including men, women, and children.  More than 2100 have been arrested including journalists and political leaders like Aung San Suu Suki. Now, activists are struggling to get their freedom back and the regime wants to crush everyone that opposed them. 

So why are both sides fighting?

The protesters are tired of the government system in Myanmar. The people of Myanmar wanted to change and were about to receive change. So when the Military took control, they started to worry about regressing to old ways. “I don’t want any new generation to experience what we have experienced. I want them to live without fear”, said Sanchaung Bo Bo, Yangon resident. They want peace to return to their land and deserve a proper democracy. That’s why they are protesting and sacrificing their lives for freedom.  

While the Military is increasing their violence until they’re recognized as the ruling governing body no matter what it takes.  They continue to use their military junta to commit murder and violence to achieve their goal. 

The situation is dire as the world turns a blind eye towards Myanmar. All we can do is pray that things get better.    

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