Benicia E-sports: Did you know we have a team?


Benicia High School has had to adapt to a new social distance learning. Due to sports teams not being able to meet in person, the school has started an e-sports team, which would allow them to play from their own homes.Many people don’t know about the team, so I talked to Jean Ikenaga, a sophomore on the e-sports team, about what it’s like. 

The e-sports team plays two games: Rocket League and League of Legends. Ikenaga plays League of Legends. Our team has been playing since October for their winter season, and are beginning their spring season. Ikenaga said they’ve had several matches with teams outside of school. 

“Some of them being complete stomps while others we get stomped…I think we had one evenly matched game that entire season.” They started their winter season with twelve players and have gone down to seven since beginning their spring season for League. 

Many have been unaware of the school having an e-sports team. Ikenaga said “I think it would be nice, because last season and this season we have zero freshman on the team, so I don’t even think most people know the e-sports team exists.” Due to the lack of coverage the team has only 7 players currently as said earlier. Ikenaga went on to say more about the team size after being asked about the role she plays and how many people are needed for a full group. There are 5 people for each team, one needed for each lane and a support and jungle. There are three lanes you play on every game, the rest of the map is jungle. She said “I play bot lane, but this season because we lost so many [people] we’ve had to cut down from 2 to 1 team so I’m an alt right now.”  

The reason that the e-sports team hasn’t grown may be because of how the school only gets out information through email. “The only reason I realised the team existed was because my brother’s friend told my brother and he told me,” Ikenaga said when asked about how to cover the team better. There has been little to nothing on this team when it comes to coverage. Students don’t even know when the e-sports team had a loss or a win in a match against another school whereas it would be very different for any other sports team the school has. Our e-sports team is only video games, but, why start a sport if you’re not going to cover or tell people about it?

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