The Best Kind of Signs


Like many of my readers, I have the problem of too many signs. A sign for the bookshelf, a sign for the hallway, a sign for the sign for my room of signs. There were too many signs in my house, and with spring around the corner, a little cleaning is what the home is asking for. So today, my little sign lovers, we will go through our basic sign categories and determine what kind of sign you should toss or keep. Please keep in mind that this article is focusing on the practical use of the signs and not the design. If you like the aesthetic of a sign at your home you should keep the sign for aesthetic purposes, again this article is solely focusing on the practicality of signs.

1.The Wooden Sign

The wooden sign is an old classic, many people have around 1 or 2 of these around, and for good reason too. The wooden sign can be a curse or a blessing. This is because the sign is made out of wood, which can rot, be set ablaze, and could give you splinters. But the wooden sign can also give your place a natural look, and easy to make as you could find wood in many different types anywhere. This makes a wooden sign while not durable, but replaceable a good choice of sign.

Pro’s Con’s
Nature lookHigh maintenance 
Easy to makeSplinters 
Lots of variety 

2. The Magnetic sign

Everyone who is even remotely into signs has one of these.The magnetic sign is commonly used for cars but you can really put them anywhere with a magnet. While they may be good party tricks, these signs are not really practical, you can only stick them to magnetic surfaces and they can damage the surface sometimes. 

Cool, Hip, or rad is how they are describedOnly magnets
Potential damage

3. Aluminum Signs

The aluminum sign is probably the most practical out of all the signs. It is durable and cost efficient while being lightweight and sturdy. But the main issue is that it does not  look good to the sign community. The kind of people who use these kinds of signs are the kind of people who harass children for running while they play. These people don’t care about any type of design or aesthetic, they just get the cheapest and money saving sign to claim that they are part of the prestigious sign community. These people are never to be talked to or even acknowledged by anyone who respects the sign community. 

Light weightDoes not look good to the sign community 
Cost effective

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