Claudia Conway’s Controversial American Idol Audition


Claudia Conway’s American Idol audition stirs up controversy after viewers accuse the show of exploiting her. Claudia Conway is the daughter of politicians, Kellyanne Conway and George Conway. However, viewers speculate that it wasn’t Conway’s voice that landed her the golden ticket to Hollywood. 

There are a multitude of reasons as to why people think that having Conway on the show is a negative. Among the many tweets, one Twitter user wrote: “It feels like ABC is exploiting Claudia Conway, right? Just like several journalists did, to a child that’s been in a crisis.” The user also wrote that it “feels wrong” and “I can’t watch #AmericanIdol.” Others feel that American Idol has put Conway on the show for the benefit of her mother. Another twitter user wrote: “American Idol is gross for allowing an abusive creature like Kellyanne Conway to rehab her image on the show, and using Claudia Conway’s pain to make a quick buck.”

The final reason viewers feel that the show is using Conway is because they don’t think  she’s  the strongest singer. Even American Idol judge, Luke Bryan, told Conway in regards to her singing that “there’s some things where you’re limited by your range.” In the end, Conway passed the audition round with approvals from judges Lionel Ritchie and Katy Perry. She didn’t however receive approval from Luke Bryan. 
In conclusion, viewers were upset about Claudia Conway’s appearance on the show. An anonymous source has informed the media that “They were big on putting Claudia in all of the promos, but now they are thinking of not putting as much focus on that…to not make as big a deal of her being on the show and focus on other contestants.”

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