Trump Legal Team Abandons Ship


Just two weeks before Trump’s impeachment trial, his entire defense team completely abandoned ship. The 45th president was impeached on January 13, 2021 with his trial date set to February 9th, 2021. Butch Bowers, the lead attorney and Barbra Barbier, a criminal defense lawyer both stated that it was a “mutual descion to leave”, according to CNN. Johnny Gasser and Greg Harris, both former federal prosecutors, left the team shortly after along with Josh Howard, a lawyer from Raleigh, New York. No other attorneys have announced that they’ve taken on the case. 

With the trial just 4 days away, people wonder what Trump’s next move is. He might be able to defend himself, but that outcome is highly unlikely. He could also find a new legal team, but in 4 days that seems pretty impossible. Allegedly, Trump still plans on saying that the election was stolen from him, the same accusation that started the capitol riots on January 6th. Who knows what this trial will hold, it just seems to get messier and messier. 

To conclude this messy trial, Trump was acquitted. Not only because he started the capitol riots with the rumor of voter fraud, it then took him 3 and a ½ hours to respond to that situation. And then he bid those supporters a, “Get home safe”. But the question is, should he have been convicted?

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