Freshmen, how have they been doing during irregular year?


This year has arguably been the weirdest school year of our lives. Freshmen specifically though, and this year has been especially strange. Freshmen normally get an orientation, introduction with their teachers, a walk around the campus. They get and have several things that get them around the school to know it better; they get a normal school year, and this has been a far from normal year.  

With this far from normal school year, we’ve been introduced to distance learning because of Covid-19 that everyone has had just around six months to get adjusted to. Students have been forced to change their schedules and find a new way to learn. New ways to cope because not being able to see friends and family, especially because of California being in the purple tier. Robert Chambers, a freshman at Benicia Highschool, when asked what the hardest part of distance learning is responded with “…being unable to talk with friends.” 

Merrick Ek, another freshman at Benicia high school stated “I was a straight A student all throughout middle school…” after being asked about his grades. However, it is not like this for all students. Chambers gave a short “Amazing” with how they’ve been. 

Regardless of grades, this year has been one of the roughest for all students. Seniors not getting their last prom and a band trip to New York getting cancelled in the 2019-2020 school year. Next to normal, the musical of last year got canceled along with there being no show this year that the theater will put on. Freshmen aren’t getting an in person “normal” first year of high school and will have to adjust to the in person learning for it when we go back. Difficult decisions have been made about the laws governing social distancing and whether or not we may return to school. Some students are still facing the problems they faced when distance learning started back in March of 2020. They’re now having to learn to overcome, and see what they can do.

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