Why the Saxophone is the Best Instrument


sax player silhouette | Silhouette painting, Silhouette art, Silhouette

Have you ever wanted to play an instrument but never could choose one, or never could play one? Can you play an instrument but don’t feel like you are reaching your max good looking potential?  Well have I got the instrument for you, the lovely, exquisite, saxophone.

The saxophone is the best instrument that you can play because you can look good and play sweet tunes. No one really cares if you’re okay at an instrument, but if you look good while playing, then everyone loves it. With the saxophone you can accomplish this, as it only takes up your arms so you can move and jive with your feet while playing, and for bonus points you can even throw in a spin or two. Not only are your feet open but your head is also free to shake and shimmer while you play as well. You can even raise the saxophone up and play to the heavens– what is there not to love? 

The saxophone is not all about style though. With a little practice, even you can pull off some sweet tunes, from cool jazz to punk rock. Everyone has that hole in their heart, and to fix it, play the saxophone and let the troubles melt away.

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