Covid-19 Cases On The Rise Once Again


Covid-19 cases are rising yet again after a plateau that lasted several weeks. On January 8th, 2021, the US saw the highest number of Coronavirus cases yet with a massive number of 300,669 cases. After the 8th, the terrifying spike in cases declined significantly reaching only 34,237 new cases on March 21st. Sadly, cases are rising again and the head of the CDC is claiming that another “avoidable” surge is on it’s way to America. Fortunately vaccines are being administered consistently with 87,343,622 (26.61% of the US population) people having at least one dose and 47,419,832 (14.45% of the US population) being fully vaccinated as of March 25 according to the New York Times Covid-19 graph. Theoretically, if vaccines continue to be administered at this rate, and if there are no major problems, herd immunity is expected to be achieved by the end of spring. 

With the future looking bright, many states have started to open up and lift Covid-19 restrictions. With Americans becoming increasingly more desperate for the world to return to normal, many are ignoring regulations and restrictions put in place to keep us safe. This new rise in cases comes at a critical time in the pandemic considering how close we are to winning the battle against Covid-19. CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky has urged Americans to continue social-distancing protocols and to keep wearing masks just a bit longer in order to prevent the spike from soaring even higher. In a briefing from the White House Covid-19 Response Team, Dr. Walensky stated “I’m speaking today not necessarily as your CDC director, and not only as your CDC director, but as a wife, as a mother, as a daughter, to ask you to just please hold on a little while longer,” she said. “I so badly want to be done, I know you all so badly want to be done, we’re just almost there, but not quite yet. And so, I’m asking you to just hold on a little longer, to get vaccinated when you can, so that all of those people that we all love will still be here when this pandemic ends.”

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