Study techniques to finish the year strong


Are you still cramming the night before a big test? Is your current study method still reading the book over and over? These methods will not only add stress but it will likely not help you reach the highest potential grade you desire. Well worry no more as I have got your back. With these study techniques you will be able to take on your upcoming tests.

Letinar system  

This strategy uses flashcards and the use of boxes. Start with three boxes numbered 1-3 . Add all the flashcards on the subject in the 1 box to start off. Then begin with the flashcards. When you get one wrong you either keep it in box 1 or move it down.

  • Review box 1 every day 
  • Review box 2 every two days
  • Review box 3 every four days 

The PQ4R Method

This method helps keep you productive and helps improve your memorization skills. This six step method works with the categories Preview, Question, Read, Reflect , Recite, and Review. This method helps you understand and get a good grasp of all the concepts while also tackling the task of understanding as well.  

  • Preview : Scan through the information. Skim through the bold words or any titles. This helps us get a good grasp of the material.
  • Question: Ask yourself what you know and what you want to know about the subject.
  • Read: read all the material and answer all your questions you previously asked yourself.
  • Reflect: ask yourself if you understand the material and if you answered all the questions you previously asked.
  • Recite: Recite all your questions and answers and all the important information from the passage or material
  • Review: Then make sure to look over all your notes and information you went through

Feynman Technique 

This technique helps you get a good grasp at what you are learning in an easy straightforward manner: all you have to do is explain! This technique helps you build memorization and a better hold of the information. We simply  learn better when we try to explain it in our own words, as if we are teaching someone. 

  • On a sheet or notebook write down everything you know about the subject 
  • Then start explaining it as if you are teaching it to someone else who has no idea on the matter
  • Next review where you fell short and items you were incorrect on
  • Later fix your mistakes and incorrect answers and study them

Now that you learned some new study methods and techniques make sure to apply them to help take on your upcoming tests! These techniques and methods are here to make sure you don’t add extra stress on yourself. They are also  here to help you build good study habits which are required for every great student.

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