BHS Improv Team Makes Big Splash!


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The improv team made their big debut Friday night. Accompanied by their Coaches Nikki Tillotson and Nathan Day the group performed a variety of fun improv games and got the audience involved in any way they could. Although slight technical hiccups delayed them a couple minutes the then unnamed 2020-2021 team got right to it. With no script and no rehearsal their possibilities were endless.

They began with a game of scavenger hunt. Then the team was challenged to find objects around their house chosen by their audience. They scavenged for pets, toilet plungers, and even doll heads. The game was also accompanied by a brilliant performance of the Maccarna by several of their members. The audience then got to meet celebrities such as Donald Trump, James Charles, and John Cena all on their answering machine. With the audience members back turned away from the team the improv team chose celebrities and fictional characters to play, all while the audience member tried to guess just who they were impersonating. They then played montage, a game where there are no rules, using association and improvisation and takes a suggestion from the audience to create many scenes, Team member Sema introduced them 

The main event was the game “Montage” where the team was given only one random object and created a whole story arch with it. Their audience chosen object tonight was a dragon. They first began to describe a dragon in poetic fashion, “belches fire,” “scaly,”  and “haunter of dreams” were just a few of the creative expressions used to describe the beast. The team then created a dramatic multiple part story with all members of the cast that was complete with a clear beginning, middle, and entropy.

“It was a lot of fun,” said Reagan Wicklow (9) who has been attending rehearsal for weeks in preparation for tonight, “I’m glad zoom didn’t give us too many difficulties.” 

“A fun way to meet and socialize with others during the pandemic” added Sema Balach (9) who played a variety of characters during the show. 

As the show came to a close the improv team allowed the audience to take part in one last event, they got to choose the name of this year’s improv ensemble. Options included “Capitol Raiders’ ‘and “The Baby Yodas’; In the nailbiter poll the audience chose Viewer Discretion Advised as the groups new name. 

Viewer Discretion Advised has other online improv shows coming up, with free entry and a lot of fun in store, you can’t miss it. Invite a friend and prepare yourself for a (literal) once in a lifetime show! They can’t wait to see you there.

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