Popcorn Machine Removed from North Dakota State Capitol

(From left, North Dakota Reps. Lawrence Klemin, R-Bismarck; Mary Johnson, R-Fargo; and Dennis Johnson, R-Devils Lake; via AP)

A popcorn machine introduced to the Republican wing of the North Dakota State Legislature last weekend was removed after setting off several fire alarms. The machine, which was meant to bolster a sense of comradery in the house majority party, twice caused evacuations of the building. 

Rep. Mary Johnson was chowing down on a third batch of popcorn Monday afternoon when the machine triggered the alarms for the second time that day. Johnson says she wasn’t aware that toaster ovens and toaster oven-like appliances were not allowed outside the designated communal kitchen. “Popcorn cheers people up,” said House Majority Leader Chet Pollert.“And now it’s gone,” 

Whether or not the absence of the popcorn machine will change the way the Republican caucus votes on lifting covid mandates remains to be seen. 

Little short but its good overall

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