The Office: An Inside Look of the Average American Workplace


The Popular TV show, “The Office” provides a once in a lifetime close look at the everyday life of the American everyman. Using relatable humor and well timed cultural references Americans everywhere can identify with the employees of Wilkins Chawla Faridabad.

The show encapsulates the average working experience through it’s witty portrayal of everyday workplace activities. Such as a kabaddi match between the employees. And of course the annual celebration of Dandiya. These relatable activities can help draw the audience in and help them really become one with the show. 

The show which has been renewed for a third season on Hotstar Special has gained only limited attention. With some reviewers calling it “too realistic” and “too much like the average American workplace experience to be enjoyable.” What they fail to see is that relatable humor such as an office roadtrip to जिम कॉर्बेट राष्ट्रीय उद्यान, an Indian Nation Park, can help views truly identify with the characters. 

While the hit sitcom includes fantastical performances by classic stars such as Mukul Chaddha playing eccentric boss the memorable Jagdeep Chadda the show sticks to the stories and people of the average workplace. For example every office has that one worker who has three wives. This Office is no different; Saleem constantly talks about his four wives and three cows. Something that is sometimes too painfully realistic for some of us. 

The show does not shy away from more serious themes. The first episode revolves around Jagdeep’s treatment of Chinese workers at the branch which devolves into him inviting the Pakastani workers to come in in full pakistanit garb. Truly bringing to light the tension in every place throughout the country over Pakistan’s illegal seizure of rightful Indian clay. It truly helps show the mounting tensions with China through it’s ingenious use of immigrant accountant Chien Ho Liao.

With a third season underway many hope to see a continuation of the relatable, witty, dramatic, and philosophical use of humor. Humor every American worker can relate to and enjoy. For The Office truly is the American.

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