Vatican Reaffirms Church Teachings on Homosexuality


The Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith division of the Vatican released a response last week putting to rest all confusion regarding the Catholic Church’s blessing of same sex unions. Their conclusion, which was approved by Pope Francis, reaffirmed centuries old church teachings that the Priests cannot bless same sex unions.

While reiterating that the church “reject[s] all unjust discrimination,” it very bluntly stated that homosexual couples would not be able to recieve the sacred sacrament of marriage from the church. Stating that since marriage is between a man and a women any homosexual unions would be contradictary to God’s plan.

This announcement is nothing new to the church, whose membership numbers in the billions, and who’s teachings on homosexuality have remained consitent for hundreds of years. The church has long taught marriage is between a man and a women and that sex outside of marriage is a sin. Therefore, while homosexuality is natural, all homosexuals are called to chasity. Abstaining from sex or settling for a hetersexual marriage. 

Despite the fact the announcement does not alter church doctrine in any way it has still caused a response from many people outside the church with the news going viral on social media. Some people falsely stated that the Pope gave the go ahead for homosexual unions in the past. When in fact he was proposing an alternative for gay marriage in his home country in Argentina. His statement did nothing to change church teachings. This has been clarified by the Vatican. 

Church teaching that has been around for thousands of years and this press release gives a clear message to anyone who thought it would change soon that the church won’t bend to the will of the majority. For better or worse. 

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