American Idol’s Cecil Ray Baker Arrested


There have been multiple occasions where episodes of this season of American Idol have left viewers with questions and controversy. For example, when Claudia Conway, daughter of politician Kellyanne Conway, made it onto the show viewers accused American Idol of exploiting her. Also, more recently judge Luke Bryan had to miss an episode of the show due to his Covid-19 diagnosis. However, on that same episode, it was announced that contestant Wyatt Pike, left the show. Viewers started to speculate that there had been drama between Bryan and Pike. These rumors were shut down by Bryan’s wife. This time, Cecil Ray Baker, a contestant who was only eliminated on April 11, has been charged with burglary of habitation in Texas.

In the audition round, the 20 year old from Texas says that he grew up in government housing. He also experienced 3 losses of loved ones to suicide when he was younger. He said he thinks of music as a light; “There were times where I just felt like giving up, but the only light in the dark was music.” Despite being told to control his energy, Baker received a lot of praise from judges. Bryan said he was “absolute perfection” and Katy Perry said he reminded her of a “country Justin Bieber.” After making it to Hollywood Week, Baker dedicated his performance to his young daughter. 

Baker broke into Mariah Lopez’s (his ex) house after she wouldn’t let him inside to see his daughter who he says is his. He was also accused of hitting Lopez in the face. Lopez shared via Tik Tok that she had been abused by Baker before. She also shared, “My daughter and I are happy, safe, and healthy.” Baker was released from jail the same day he was arrested.

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