Ginny & Georgia Review


The new up and coming show Ginny and Georgia has a lot of mixed reviews. On one side of the spectrum you have, “It’s incredibly cringey and there shouldn’t be a second season” and on the other side, you have “I loved the series and I can’t wait for season 2.” I’m somewhere in the middle. I think the writers made it intentionally cringey because the main characters were sophomores in highschool, and I think that’s what people are forgetting. 

The characters in the show were extremely well written, and their development as people really shined through. Georgia was a fan favorite, and I must agree. Watching her overcome hardships through her life really amplified the show and took it to the next level. Ginny on the other hand, seemed to get more and more annoying as the show progressed. It felt like she was constantly messing up and still struggled to fix her mistakes. It almost seemed like the writers wanted us to like her and then sort of dislike her and end up hating her in the end. While her character was certainly interesting, it seems like she needs to find who she is, and hopefully we’ll see that in season 2.

There’s a lot of good plot twists, and the story line stayed on track the entire show. My favorite parts were looking back on Georgia’s life, and getting insight on her. What I would like to see from season 2, is how her (Georgia’s) relationship grows with Joe, and how Ginny’s character develops. A little on the short side but overall pretty good.

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