Pets and their effect on us during Covid-19


Even before COVID  pets would benefit us in many ways, from keeping us company, to cheering us up on bad days. As of COVID , social isolation has put many into a state of loneliness and has drastically affected us in many negative ways.

However, pets can be our loyal friend to keep us up in these depressing times. 

Since the start of Covid, there has been an increase in adoptions of pets and for good reason. People want companionship.  A recent 2020 study for PLoS ONE showed that the bond of a pet and it’s owner lessened the feeling of loneliness and can give the owner a sense of purpose, something much needed amongst everyone during these times.

Having a pet physically present can also help improve mental health not just among adults, but children too. Prairie Conlon, a clinical director of CertaPet, comments on this saying “Pets have been shown to lower blood pressure, decrease allergies in children, calm or prevent panic attacks,10 and overall encourage movement and wellness.”  Knowing this, a family can benefit very much from getting a pet, as it can help all members.

Pets can also give you a sense of purpose. All pet owners know that pets demand routine, accountability, and consistency through feeding, playtime, and general overall care, so having their physical presence and needs can give us purpose which can overall combat loneliness. 

After reading all this, you may already have a pet or animal in mind. Maybe you’re thinking of a dog, a cat, or maybe even a bunny rabbit.  However, according to Very-wellmind, the strength of bond or sense of happiness you get does not depend on the pet’s species. So as long as you have a pet companion, no matter the species, the comfort is all the same!

While Covid can be a struggling time, pets can be our friends to help us through it. Social isolation can cause us all to feel down sometimes and crave interaction. Pets can give us that! With both companionship and purpose, we could all use a pet to uplift us during Covid. 

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