Why you should switch to chunky peanut butter


To all the avid peanut butter lovers out there, the debate of which peanut butter is better may be very familiar. It’s a long lasting debate that seems to have no end, but the answer is clear. Chunky peanut butter is better and let me tell you the reasons why.

It has texture. Chunky peanut butter gives you the feeling you’re actually eating peanuts, unlike smooth peanut butter, which is so smooth sometimes it can feel like it’s a liquid. The natural and satisfying crunch will always be better than biting into what seems like nothing.

Chunky is healthier, while peanut butter itself might not be the healthiest snack, crunchy has some benefits.  According to Prevention.com, crunchy peanut butter contains less saturated fat and has 2 percent more fiber per serving and can keep you full for longer, making you less inclined to overeat. It may not seem like much but it still gives it an advantage over smooth peanut butter.

It’s better used in other things. Shakes, apple slices, pb&j, etc, whatever it is, chunky is the way to go. For example, in a shake, adding chunky peanut butter can make it more thicker and in return, more enjoyable. As opposed to using smooth peanut butter in a shake, which is more than likely gonna give your shake a unlikable texture.

So next time you’re stumped on deciding chunky or smooth, think back onto these reasons and choose the far superior chunky peanut butter, it will make your snack or meal more enjoyable.

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