“Bikini Body”


As the summer vibes are starting to arise once again, and the need to get our life together before summer  begins to arise once again.  Then we tend to  start the rigorous work to get our bodys back in shape. To get the perfect body so we don’t cover it up with a shirt. But in reality do we really need to? Do WE really want to or is it just society telling us to? And what are we risking for the ultimate result?  

The effects of social media influencing us to look a certain way is tiring. As these girls look flawlessly in their two pieces and have literally no imperfections. And  then we take a look at ourselves and say “I can’t compare” . Then goes the endless cycle of trying to look a certain way and look perfect just like the girls on instagram. When in reality they don’t even look like that because thanks to the use of photoshop and positioning of the body they appear to have no imperfections and the “perfect” summer body. But still we find ourselves still pushing for that body. This is when we accumulate the summer vibes to  suffer to achieve that “body”. And more importantly you start to risk your health. When girls cut back on eating or push themselves too hard during workouts they can experience slower heart rate, blood pressure drop, thyroid malfunction, and many many more. 

But now in 2021 women are putting an end to this. For crying out loud we should be able to embrace our bodies that kept us going through a pandemic. Instead of making body’s suffer and pushing them to their limits women are starting to embrace their body. Finding ways to celebrate bodies is more important than having a “perfect” body.  So let everything go and enjoy that new bikini and summer sun!

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