Will California use Biden’s $2 Trillion Infrastructure for Clean Air Transit?


Infrastructure. It sounds, to me at least, entirely ambiguous in terms of its exact purpose. This, however, is a positive thing when it comes to those who receive this “infrastructure” support dictating its allotment as needed. $2.3 trillion is the Biden administration’s proposed amount for nationwide use. In its broadened, pure, uncut form, this infrastructure plan is to “rebuild the backbone of America,” as put by President Biden in his speech about it in late March. This “one in a generation investment,” should allow significant strides towards a greener, more inclusive economy nationwide. “It’s the largest American jobs investment since World War II.” all in order to make how we do things like “tackle climate change,” easier. There is no doubt that Californians could use an accessible public transit system, especially a railway of some kind, and there is no doubt that jobs created by this plan would be jobs needed by many.

Nationwide we should see changes. What about just in California where we not only can see this repair but experience it; benefit from it. What about locally? What has the Bay Area been craving in terms of infrastructure? In terms of public transit, clean energy, roadways, and all of the jobs created by this money.  The San Francisco Chronicle insinuates the potential this money holds. This site discussed what Randy Rentschler, legislative director for the Metropolitan Transportation Commission said, “The plan is expected to include money to get BART to San Jose and Santa Clara and increasing its capacity, extending the Bay Area’s express lane network and connecting high-speed rail to the region,”. Although a new BART tube has been both predicted and shut down by California Transportation authorities, things such as clean fuel buses and a high-speed railway are realistic dreams. By 2040, California should have replaced all non-clean buses with clean energy electrical, natural gas, or hydrogen fuel cell ones.

The skyline of San Francisco, Calif. is visible through a layer of smog at sunrise on Tuesday, April 23, 2019. The American Lung Association is releasing an annual report on the state of the air quality.

This over $2 trillion plan should be an explosive push towards the Green New Deal’s end game. California’s high-traffic reputation and smog-tainted skylines should be looking like a thing of the past by 2030. However, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez tweeted that “This is not nearly enough.” and that it “Needs to be way bigger.” 

For an alternate view of the plan and division of the money in this plan, other than what was discussed in this article, look at how Joe Biden Wants to Spend $2 Trillion on Infrastructure and Jobs

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