John Kerry Accused of Collusion with Iran


Republicans are calling for an investigation over audio leaked by the New York Times showing Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif of Iran revealing John Kerry, Biden’s Climate Advisor and Former Secretary of State, told him of Israeli attacks on Iranian interests.

While the claims are unverified such a revelation has caused uproar amongst Congressional republicans. Of course, if he did tell state secrets to the theocratic dictatorship of Iran then there would be just cause for impeachment.

Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo spoke out accusing Kerry of undermining the Trump administration. “Kerry covertly worked to undermine the Trump administration’s efforts by meeting with top Iranian leaders during our tenure, encouraging them to ‘wait until the next election, when presumably the same Obama administration officials they struck a deal with in 2016 would be back in power, and now we learn perhaps worse, providing valuable intelligence to the Iranians concerning our ally, Israel,” Pompeo wrote for Fox News. 

The White House has not released a comment

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