Anthony Mackie Makes History as the First African American Captain America


Anthony Mackie Originally Auditioned for 'Iron Man 3' Villain | IndieWire

Marvel’s newest series the Falcon and the Winter Soldier depicts the relationship between a African American man in America and how Anthony Mackie becomes the first African American Captain America and how even as a superhero we get to see racial status quos and how to deal with it. Anthony Mackie said, “As a black man you are in an abusive relationship with America, how do you fight for, stand up and risk your life for a country that has never given you love, support, or trust.”

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier shows the nuances of the relationship between the two and how Anthony Mackie portrayed the social struggle and injustices inside the superhero world that happens in the real world. His struggle on the big screen touched millions of people at home and around the world. 

The most important thing to remember about the Falcon and the Winter Soldier is that although it is fiction, the problems that get addressed within the film are very real. Anthony Mackie is taking the first big step towards racial equality with Marvel in Hollywood.

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