Boy Who Had Legs Amputated Due to Abuse Walks for the First Time


Tony Hudgell, a six year old boy walks on his own for the first time in his life. 

After being abused by his biological parents while being only a one-month-old baby, Tony was admitted to the hospital with multiple fractures, organ failure, and Sepsis. After a six week fight in the hospital, doctors eventually had to amputate both of his legs from the knee.

Despite the circumstances dealt to him, Tony continued on and made a difference in the world. After his parents were jailed and received a maximum sentence of 10 years for child cruelty, Tony was adopted by Paula Hudgell and her husband Mark, and went on to raise money for multiple causes and foundations. One being the hospital that saved his life, with him raising  £1.5 million for the hospital by walking 10km with his prosthetic legs and crutches.

Recently, Tony has gotten rid of his crutches and walked without aid from anyone for the first time, following this he walked over 500 steps in the span of four days, raising  £70,000. Paula, Tony’s adoptive mom, says, “We knew from previous challenges that Tony would probably beat it but he smashed it, completing more than 500 steps over the four days.”

Tony continues to beat the odds and raise more money for good causes, with his latest charity, at the time writing this, being Friday, April 30th. As for Tony’s parents who abused him, Jody Simpson and Antony Smith, they are set to be free on parole next year after half of their sentence, which was supposed to be 10 years. Paula is currently campaigning for these offenses to have a maximum sentence of life. Paula, being concerned, says, “Please don’t release my boy’s evil parents.”

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