Billie Eilish’s “Your Power” Review


Billie Eilish, as of April 29th, dropped a new song called, “Your Power.” This song was beautiful, much like all of her songs. This song has a very minimalistic beat and her voice is high pitched but quiet. The song is calm and quiet, but in a way that it doesn’t hurt your ears at full volume. It is one you can replay over and over again and not get tired of it. The story she tells is dark, which is a common theme throughout most of her songs. 

The story Eilish tells is about a man having a sexual relationship with a minor. The lyrics, ‘She was sleeping in your clothes (in your clothes); but now she’s got to get to class’ in the beginning of the song introduce the story. Eilish sings, ‘I thought that I was special; you made me feel; like it was my fault, you were the devil’. The song then goes on, ‘You thought she was your age’ which is a common excuse for people who have had relationships with minors. The song ends with the lyrics ‘Will you only feel bad; If it kills your contract” suggesting that this song is about someone in the entertainment industry. I know I wouldn’t be surprised if it was. 

The song didn’t disappoint. It has some powerful lyrics. It stuck to Eilish’s tone, very light instrumental and ominous lyrics.

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