Priests Defy Vatican: Bless Same Sex Union


Over 100 German Parishes Monday acted in complete defiance of the Vatican and the Pope when they choose to bless multiple homosexual unions. This comes after the Pope who speaks for 1.3 billion Catholics worldwide and holds the title “Vicar of Christ” said that Priests cannot bless sin.

This outraged some progressive Catholics who were dismayed at the Vatican reaffirming doctrine held for over 2,000 years. Many online said it caught them by surprise. 

The news apparently also caught multiple German Priests by surprise. The Conference of German Bishops has long been attempting to “liberalize” the church, running contrary to the wishes of the Vatican and the Pope. 

On Monday they did just that. Blessing hundreds of sinful unions according to the church.

“I look forward to the blessing. We’re going have all forms of relationships: Classic heterosexual marriages, divorced and remarried couples, unmarried couples and yes, also same-sex couples,” one priest said.

The blessing of homosexual, remarried, and unmarried is directly oppposed to the doctrine held by the church for the entireity of its existence. Some have accused them of practicing the sin of modernism; the belief that God changes with the moral relativism of humans. Others have called for their excommunication.

So far the church has done nothing. What they do next could have long reaching consequences. 

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