Anime Recommendation for The Spring Season


The anime winter season was spectacular. Honestly, seasonal winter anime was great because quality never dipped; so I thought spring anime would be disappointing. Well, I was so wrong. Unfortunately, some anime in this season are stuck in Netflix jail, like Eden Zero and Shaman King. 

So this season of shows is mostly sleeper hits. My hero academia comes back with the 5th season. The opening half is okay at best, fans are most excited about the second half that MHA has to offer.  

Then move on to the best part of this season is the news shows. Tokoyo Revengers gives you a solid series that talks about the meaning of strength and a beautiful time travel story that always keeps you on edge. You also have another beautiful series with To Your Eternity. This show was making big waves in the manga. This show is majestic, and the animation is insanely pretty. 

Megalo box just released their second season. The series maintains the same quality, the show is fantastic. Wit studio also brings Vivy, which is an interesting show, and the plot is very gripping. The show brings some mix between music and sci-fi is interesting.  Shaft makes a return, and their new season is confusing like usual, but their quality continues to follow suit.    

Overall this season has some splendid shows,  enjoy this season to the best of your abilities.  

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