5 Strategies to Help You Clean Your Room

By Garret Slody

Hello readers! Today I am going to be showing you how to clean that dirty place that you somehow deem livable– your room. If you follow the 5 ways I will be listing for you down below, your room will not only look clean, but actually be clean too. 

1- Organize: The best way to clean your room is to know where everything is. A way that I like to organize my room is by separating things into sections so that I know where I need to go to get something.

2- Get rid of Trash: A good way to deal with some clutter is to get rid of old pictures and memorabilia, they take up too much space for such impractical items. However, some people have gone a step further and just gotten rid of everything (but the room) which clears out a lot of clutter very quickly, so it is always an option.

3-Move: You can’t have a messy room if you constantly are on the move! This tried and true strategy is a great way to get clean and stay clean.

4-Destroy the Room: This is a great way to clean and have some good, simple fun as well. Some popular methods are: an uncontrolled fire, wrecking balls, and some good old-fashioned explosives–but don’t be afraid of getting a little creative with it!

5-Submit to the Room: The room has won. No matter how hard you try to clean it, the next day, it’s messy. This strategy is wonderful for those who feel bad about themselves and have low self-confidence. Good luck to you.

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