Bay Area Theme Parks Begin to Reopen


As of Saturday, May 22, several theme parks have started to open themselves up to the public after being closed since the beginning of the pandemic.

The Great America theme park has reopened as of Saturday, with rides such as Gold Striker, Flight Deck, and Grizzly getting improved and upgraded. When interviewed by ABC7 News, Barb Grantger, the VP and General Manager of the park, commented, “We’ve been waiting for this for quite some time.” California originally announced theme parks to reopen back in April, but it took over a month before they eventually let the public back inside. 

Great America is not the only theme park to reopen, as Concord’s Six Flag Hurricane Harbor has also reopened to the public. Fans of the park are excited to see its return, and with ticket reservation being available on Memorial Day weekend, many plan to go with friends and family.
When interviewed by ABC7 News, Hurricane Harbor Park Director Paul Kimura said, “Just as we have done successfully at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom, we are looking forward to providing a safe and fun outdoor environment for Northern California families to spend time together,”. Masks will be required around the park, but won’t be needed on some rides or in pools.

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