Tips For starting High School, I wish I had known

By: Vanessa Morales

With a hectic and busy school life,  I’ve learned a lot these past years. I’ve learned different methods and different ideas & habits that have helped me get through this life and its hardships. So I am ever so enlightened and I think it’s fair to say I can share that wisdom with others.  Whether it’s  from one person to another , a student to another, or a human being to another. I hope these tips will give you a sense of comfort and ultimately help you out. 

  Tip #1  Do it for yourself

In today’s world it is hard to find something original. Or find something that wasn’t influenced by someone else. And I’ll be honest, a lot of everything Ido was probably influenced by someone. With that I find myself doing stuff for others. It’s also the expectations that are created. We’re always expected to do something; and that is when we stop doing it for ourselves and just do it, not because we want to but because we’re expected to. But then I asked myself do I really want to do this? And when I stopped doing things for others, ohh man. I felt a weight  lIfted off my shoulders. I started feeling confident and happy. It gave me a sense that I can control and choose my life. So  trust me when you begin to start doing things for yourself that is when you truly begin to choose how our life will pan out. 

Tip #2   Focus on You 

Following Tip #1,  one thing I learned and kept close to me was focusing on myself. And I will keep saying it to anyone who will hear me: Focus on yourself! When I say this I mean write down your goals and dreams and work hard to achieve them. Start taking care of yourself, your body, your health and your mind. Start focusing on what you want to achieve. Make habits and routines that will benefit yourself in the long run. It doesn’t matter what other people are doing or what they’ll say. All that matters is you and your hard work for YOUR life! And once you start checking off your goals, watch what happens in your life. 

Tip #3 It’s okay to have those days

Let’s face it when we’re trying hard in life or we are just watching life go by. We tend to have those days where we can find motivation to do work. Or we feel really down on everything. And it’s hard when we are in those days because we feel like we’re in a tunnel of darkness but really it’s just tunnel vision making us feel this way. I used to beat myself up about these days, saying “we’re better than this.” In reality I should’ve known I was in need of a break and some self love. On these days give yourself the day to relax or treat yourself. Give yourself some love and relaxation and just the reassurance that it’s okay. 

Tip#4 Routines 

Ahhh the tip that helped me not go insane. As someone who was really busy and also wanted to be productive, one of my greatest saviors was building a routine. I can keep going on and on about how routines are beneficial to accomplishing goals and building habits. You can include important things or a new goal even include a daily habit in them. And the best is that it’s tailored for YOU. You can make changes and add new things whenever you please. Routines help you  accomplish daily needs and help you develop a new habit, Like exercising or reading everyday. They are there to keep you in control and accountable. 

Tip #5 Self love 

In this day and age we can get so caught up in everyone’s expectations and standards. We start to drown in the negative headspace and never-ending feeling of “not being enough.” We can’t keep up with everyone’s thoughts and opinions. We start to lose who we once were as we try to keep up, we try to change and push ourselves to the limits. We then lose the essence of ourselves. But I’m here to tell you that what people and the world say should not and do not matter.  That we should love ourselves no matter what, love ourselves for  everything we are and what we do. In this life my number one tip and hope is for everyone to have the confidence and self love that they deserve. If you show yourself and develop self love, wow, nothing can faze you and you will just see more positives then negative. Especially on social media and school, having self love is so important. Because after all you go through and after everything you accomplish you deserve self love. When you give yourself love you will have a better and happier life. It is way easier said than done but all you can do is try.

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