New Mask Mandates


To our dear friend and companion who stuck to us throughout the time of Covid. Who helped defend ourselves from a dangerous virus. Who came in different colors and fashionable patterns. Who ultimately was the trademark of 2020. To our masks, thank you for being with us for so long. But after all this time, is it finally time to say goodbye? As new CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) have established new and surprising choices, as they have begun to lift the mask mandates. Throughout all of the United States, different states and cities are lifting the masks regulations. Now giving us a sense of normal life again. 

As across the US the regulations are beginning to lift, when and what is going to take place. Like in Texan schools, kids are no longer required  to wear masks. While in California we are getting pushed to have the mask mandate for another month. In Chicago though there is some progress as masks are allowed to be off during some indoor activities. In Iowa, fully vaccinated people are allowed to stop the use of masks in some situations. Some situations include going to stores but are required when you are around people in crowded areas. 

There is a sense and drive to get things back to normal; or what we called normal before Covid. These regulations are to be taken considerably and carefully to allow full recovery.  It also depends on what your local governor issues and let’s pass. The regulations are also for those who have their covid vaccinations. Although some people are still skeptical about these new regulations and push to ban masks, we all should do our part to make sure everyone is safe and healthy. 

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