Mindfulness Activities

By Vanessa Morales

Mindfulness and being mindful may help with your loaded everyday brain.  As summer is nearing and all the school work is starting to pile up, we have a lot on our plate and most importantly we have a lot on our minds. Being mindful can help ease and soothe the overwhelming feelings that are starting to arise. And on the bright side, it is a lot easier to do than we expect.

You can almost practice mindfulness with anything, you just got to know the key steps to mindfulness. Mindfulness is basically just observing , observing your breath, how you feel, observing your surroundings, observing sounds. So here are some mindfulness activities to help you battle stress and anxiety

One activity that is very beneficial and that helps a lot of people is practicing mindful eating.  

  • Turn off distractions and be present 
  • Taste and smell the food with every bite
  • Focus on how it feels in your body and when you chew it

Another practice that is very helpful and beneficial is mindful walking

  • Feel & be aware of your heart rate 
  • Look & observe your surroundings, look at the different colors and shades
  • Hear the birds or a nearby stream, just hear your surroundings
  • And most importantly be without distractions

A mindful activity that is not very known ( and very fun) is called Music appreciation.

  • Listen to a song in a comfortable position
  • Ask and observe how the music makes you feel 
  • Are their different sounds that you might not have heard before
  • Observe how your body changes to match the music

Body scanning is another great mindfulness tool that helps soothe anxiety

  • Get comfortable and begin to focus on your breathing
  • Close your eyes and observe the different sensations in your body
  • Relax your body and allow yourself to tune into your feelings
  • Then simply allow comfort and calmness  

Being mindful isn’t as hard and difficult to achieve as it seems to be. It simply is the practice of observing and bringing comfort. It is a helpful aid to combat a busy mind and anxiety. So next time you find yourself worried, try being mindful.

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