Lionel Messi Leaves F.C Barcelona With Heartbreaking Press Conference

By: Adrian Jacobs

Lionel Messi continues to be one of the greatest fútbol players of all time. So far, all of his memories and accomplishments have been created with one team, F.C Barcelona (FCB). However, after two long decades of playing at FCB, Messi’s contract has ended and he has been forced to transfer teams. 

The 34 year-old was unable to hold back tears in his closing press conference for the team, whom he started playing with at age 13. Choking on his own tears, Messi sobbed, “This is the toughest moment of my career. When the club told me, I just froze. This is all like a bucket of cold water has been poured over me and we are still coming to terms with it.”

Although Messi wanted to leave Barcelona back in the 2020 season, his family had wished to stay for a couple more years. Unfortunately, the league would not allow it due to structural and financial issues within FCB.

Messi continued to speak about the range of years he has left to play, “As long as I go on being competitive and as long as my body responds (I’ll carry on playing).” While most professionals play until their mid 30s, Messi’s spectacular condition makes experts believe he could play until age 40, at the highest level.  

After the conference, FCB’s all-time goal scorer, with 682 goals and 35 trophies, was tributed with a standing ovation from the media, his former teammates, and family, which only intensified his emotions. 

After leading Argentina to win their first Copa America since 1993 this past summer, Messi is living lavishly with his family and exceptional fútbol career. 

Now, Messi is at Paris-Saint Germain (PSG). He is set to play his first match on Sunday, August 29th. Fans are excited to see him join his former teammate, Neymar, a Brazilian fútboller; who is also seen as one of the best players in the world. Many expect to watch the pair dominate in the French league together. 

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