The California Wildfires Are Back

Caldor Fire forces thousands more to evacuate, grows more than 10 times in  size in 2 days

By: Vanessa Marcal

The wildfires in California have been burning again, with the latest blazes being the Caldor and Dixie Fires. Starting August 14, 2021, the Caldor Fire has forced thousands of people to leave their homes in El Dorado County as it has destroyed and burned through 73,415 acres of land.

Fox reported on August 17 the Caldor fire had destroyed Walt Tyler Elementary School, along with the community church in Grizzly Flats, it is said that it is 0% contained. It has since moved further Southwest and has landed in Lake Tahoe, and burning through 143,951 acres with 12% containment as of Thursday, August 26.

The Dixie fire has quickly become California’s largest recorded wildfire in history. Starting on July 13, 2021, it has burned through 750,672 acres and has been 46% contained. At least 1,273 structures have been destroyed because of this fire, including 652 homes and 92 damaged structures. 

As California burns, the winds arrive and the lights go out - ABC News

The Caldor Fire has burned through 447 buildings and has now gone Southwest of Lake Tahoe. Overall there have been over 1,000 fires this year alone in California, 2021. They have burned through 1.54 million acres all together. The Dixie fire has now burned through 725,821 acres and has been the largest recorded fire. 

Because of the Dixie Fires, most highways have been closed such as Highway 147, 32, 299 and many more. So far nearly 16,000 Californians have been evacuated as a result of the high and bad air quality. The people in Reno, Nevada have been told to stay inside because of the smoke that is in the air. Cal Fire has stated that since the fire started 10 days ago, August 14, the Caldor fire has been contained 9%.  Nevada residents have been warned that this is the worst air quality that has been recorded in the region.

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