Art Block and Help Getting Through It

By: Gwendolyne Chambers

Hello readers! It is me, your favorite comic artist from last year! As an artist, I’ve faced a thing that a lot of artists face, “art block.” Art block, as according to the first thing that pops up on google, is defined as “A period of time when an artist cannot access their creativity and/or they cannot bring themselves to create a new piece of art.” I’ve read many tips on how to try to get through art block, but none of them have really helped me, other than things I’ve come up with myself, so, why not share them here? Here are some tips on how to help you get through art block!

  1. Look at other art.

Something that has helped me get through art block is looking at other art for inspiration. Other art can inspire you to try something new with your own style and get you back into your art flow. Whether it be what they’re drawing or if they’re inspiring you to make something with more composition. It could be a new coloring style, anything to try and help you get back into the art flow. 

  1. Do a Draw this in your Style! (DTIYS)

Many artists make things called a DTIYS for things such as hitting a follower number on Twitter or Instagram. You would draw a specific drawing an artist has made in your style. However, be careful on drawing someone’s art in your style that isn’t a DTIYS, because it can make other artists uncomfortable so ask permission first!

  1. Look at your old art.

Your old art is disgusting and you know it. Make something better. 

  1. Try using a different medium.

People do little art challenges like using coffee or blood trying to make art. This is genuine. Look it up. YouTube is a wonder. 

  1. Ever drawn an eyeball?

Try it. 

  1. Learn how to draw hands.

Your hands are anatomically incorrect. Stop it.

  1. Make art, coward.

Do it. Just do it. What, you have no motivation? You’re a lying little rat man.

  1. Sell your soul to Cthulu

If push comes to shove, it works out.

  1. Join a fandom.

I hear the Minecraft youtuber fandom is good and not cringe worthy in any way whatsoever. It’s certainly not toxic, especially not on Twitter, and they’re very welcoming. 

  1.  Quit art.

You’re not cut out for it kid. 

If these tips don’t help then I don’t know what will! Just a skill issue I guess. 

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