How Has the Pandemic Affected Bay Area’s Homeless?

By: Angelica Jameson

Battling coronavirus: Bay Area lines up hotel rooms, shelters for  vulnerable, sick homeless people

Over the course of the past year, throughout the global pandemic, the increase in homelessness has sparked attention throughout the Bay Area. It is no secret if you have driven through Berkely, Oakland, San Jose, or San Francisco, that the homeless crisis has become an incredibly large issue.

The answer is simple: homelessness can be controlled, but the results are yet to be seen. According to, San Jose is planning to remove the Bay Area’s largest encampment by mid 2022. The plan is to start by clearing acres of land in 3 stages, taking out sections at a time. With this, shelters have been lining up to have available hotel rooms for sick and infectious homeless people, as reported in the San Francisco Chronicle

Without essential health care, supplies, necessities, etc. many people face the fear of COVID-19 and the new Delta variant. In Santa Rosa, “A total of 47 residents at a homeless shelter in Northern California have tested positive for the delta variant of the coronavirus” officials said, according to The Mercury News

These 3 steps will help further your education on how to contribute to the homeless crisis in the Bay Area:

  1. Donate to homeless crisis organizations- Calfresh (food-stamp service) and Raphael House of San Francisco (full-service shelter).
  1. Hand out simple necessities to those in need- toiletries, snacks, sanitary supplies, clothes, blankets, etc.
  1. Volunteer at local food banks- contact your local food bank on how you can contribute and/or volunteer.

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