Best Taiyaki Desserts In The Bay Area

By: Jovillene Datu

The Japanese dessert taiyaki has become a fan favorite for many Americans. Originating in 1886, its sweet bean and fish like cake structure eventually evolved into a soft serve ice cream. Thus, spreading across internationally and making it one of the best selling desserts in the Bay Area. These locations have a variety of Asian flavors, such as matcha, milk tea, and taro. Here are some popular restaurants with these flavors in the Bay. 

1. Angels and Devils

Do you love taking pictures and have a black and white aesthetic? Well, Angels and Devils is definitely the best place for you. Located at the Veranda in Concord, their savory desserts include a fusion of boba and taiyaki soft served ice cream. They also include vegan options in their menu, and have the iconic combination of ube and pistachio flavored ice cream. After receiving your dessert, you are able to take pictures in front of their angel wings murals, however due to COVID-19, eating indoors is not permitted.

2. Boba Time Concord 

Just like Angels and Devils, Boba Time, located in Sunvalley Concord, also has a fusion of boba and soft serve ice cream. Flavors include vanilla, ube, matcha, milk cream, and chocolate. Customers describe the shop on Yelp as having, “Friendly employees,” (Morgan K.) and “Great customer service,” (Long P.). Their reasonable prices match their delicious flavors, and you are able to select your own toppings. Their most popular item in the menu is the soft-served float, with or without taiyaki. At the moment, Boba Time does allow eating indoors.

3. Uji Time Dessert 

Not only does Uji Time Dessert have the best selling ice cream in San Francisco, but they are located in Japan town, the best place to experience authentic Asian culture through food and all sorts of entertainment. On the website “,” the Uji Time teams state that they “are a team of 4 young adults who are Japanese fusion style desserts” and their goal is to “think of Uji Time when you crave Japanese fusion style desserts.” Flavors include matcha, black sesame, honey lavender, and even tofu. It’s also possible to purchase a side of crepes or mochi ice cream to go with your taiyaki.

4. Amasusaan Uji Matcha

For the matcha lovers, it is necessary that you add Amasussan UJI Matcha to your bucket list. They have every Asian dessert you can think of. Ranging from, of course, taiyaki soft-serve ice cream, crepes, boba, to interesting combinations such as  matcha floats. Amassussan UJI Matcha may be the newest shop out of the 3 taiyaki places, however they have some exciting activities available to the public. For example, writing out tanabata wish cards, and taking pictures next to the bunny statues, are all a part of the Amausaan UJI Matcha experience. Amausaan UJI Matcha does allow indoor seating.

Overall, these four restaurants provide unique and exquisite flavors, great customer service, and should definitely become your go to dessert. 

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